10 best draft choices in Hornets history

Kemba Walker has been an All-Star each of the last three seasons. [Image Source: Flickr | Jon Edwards]
Kemba Walker has been an All-Star each of the last three seasons. [Image Source: Flickr | Jon Edwards]

Kemba Walker is arguably the best player in franchise history, but he will be a free agent in the offseason.

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The Charlotte Hornets’ franchise history consists of a few different periods. They became an expansion team in 1988 and stayed in Charlotte until 2002 (moved to New Orleans). Charlotte was granted another franchise in 2004 which were known as the Bobcats. In 2014, the Charlotte franchise once again became known as the Hornets.

So when looking at their top-10 draft picks in franchise history, that includes all players drafted from 1988-2001 (original Charlotte Hornets), 2004-2014 (Charlotte Bobcats), and the present-day Charlotte Hornets. Therefore, players on this list who also played for the New Orleans Hornets will not have their time in New Orleans accounted for.

As a subjective list, it can easily be debated who belongs on the list and where they should go. In order to make the list, the player actually had to be drafted by the Hornets. Only their impact with Charlotte is considered (while Tobias Harris was drafted by the Hornets, he’s never played for them). It’s also not exactly a top-10 players drafted by the Hornets list, as where the player was drafted could influence where they ended up on the list (a 30th overall pick who had nearly as much impact as a fifth overall pick will be higher on the list). All of Charlotte’s draft choices were taken from Basketball Reference.


Kemba Walker - 1st round, 9th overall (2011)

An All-Star each of the past three seasons, Walker averaged a career-best 25.6 points per contest in 2018-19. As mentioned by CBS Sports, he recently said that Charlotte will be his first priority as he becomes an unrestricted free agent this offseason.


Larry Johnson - 1st round, 1st overall (1991)

An All-Star twice in his five seasons with Charlotte, Johnson also won Rookie of the Year and was a Second Team All-NBA member in 1992-93.

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