Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon and mentioned about sighting UFOs. Other astronauts also made similar observations and to put all doubts at rest, he along with three others cleared a lie-detector test. Obviously, UFOs cannot be wished away as figments of one’s imagination. They are for real and humans must accept that fact.

Daily Mail UK reports that Buzz Aldrin was an astronaut of Apollo 11 mission and was one of the men to land on the moon. He had talked about an apparent encounter he had with alien life at that time. He is now 88 years old and has passed a lie-detector test along with three other astronauts Al Worden, Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper which is proof that he did see something.

The test was necessary

Aldrin was the second human to set foot on the moon and he has always maintained that he had sighted a UFO on the way to his destination. He described it as an object in the shape of the letter L. Al Worden, another astronaut, had also seen extraterrestrials. He is now 86 years old and was the pilot of the Apollo 15. He admitted to a news channel last year that he had encountered UFOs during the journey.

The other two who had similar experiences are Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper, but they are both deceased. Therefore, the recordings of their voices were tested. Mitchell was in the Apollo 14 mission. In 2009 he claimed to have seen several UFOs. Cooper had also mentioned multiple objects.

The lie-detector test was conducted by the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Albany, Ohio using latest the gadgets and advanced technology. It involved analyzing the voice patterns of the astronauts as they narrated their experiences, and those who conducted the tests have concluded that the claims were genuine. These tests are believed to be more reliable than conventional ones.

What they saw

All the four astronauts - Buzz Aldrin, Al Worden, Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper had seen UFOs in different forms and at different times. According to The Sun UK, Buzz Aldrin was in his spaceship heading towards the moon when he saw the L-shaped object. It was like a light that was moving alongside the spaceship.

Al Worden and Edgar Mitchell were pilots of Apollo 15 and Apollo 14 respectively and both saw unidentified flying objects, while Cooper tried to chase them. Probable explanations could be a spacecraft from another country or another world. The lie-detector test has proven that they had seen what they claim to have seen.

Washington Post reports that the Pentagon has confirmed about a budgetary provision of $22 million to collect and analyze UFOs. Area 51 is supposed to be the museum for aliens and crafts from outer space that crash-landed on Earth. It would be an idea to subject scientists of this setup to a lie-detector test to learn more about the mysterious extraterrestrials.