10 best draft choices by the Nets since 1990

Brook Lopez has more points than anyone else in a Nets uniform. [Image Source: Flickr | Shinya Suzuki]
Brook Lopez has more points than anyone else in a Nets uniform. [Image Source: Flickr | Shinya Suzuki]

Selected in the first round in 2008, Brook Lopez is now the Nets franchise leader in points.

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The Brooklyn Nets (then New Jersey Nets) had their most success in the NBA in the early 2000's. They won the Eastern Conference in back-to-back seasons (2001-02 and 2002-03). The fans got to see mesmerizing action featuring players such as Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson, Kenyon Martin, and Kerry Kittles. Two of those players were drafted by the Nets and find their way onto this list.

After three straight seasons of missing the playoffs, they again reached the postseason this season. A second-year center and a rookie forward both played large roles in helping the Nets get there, and both of those young men were able to make this list of best draft picks.

Here are the Nets' 10 best draft choices since 1990. As a subjective list, it can easily be debated as to who belongs and what spot they should go in.

In order to make the list, the Nets must actually have been the team that drafted the player (Richard Jefferson was acquired by the Nets in a draft-day trade after he was selected by the Houston Rockets). Only playing time that took place with the Nets was taken into account (someone like Kyle Kuzma was drafted by Brooklyn but was traded on draft-day and never played for them). It's also not exactly a top-10-players-drafted-by-the-Nets-since-1990 list, as where the player was drafted could influence where they ended up on the list (a 28th overall pick who had almost as much impact as a sixth overall pick will end up higher on the list). The team's draft picks were found on Basketball Reference.


Brook Lopez - 1st round, 10th overall (2008)

Playing nine seasons for the Nets, Lopez is the franchise's all-time leader in points (10,444) and blocks (972) and he was named an All-Star in the 2012-13 season.


Kerry Kittles - 1st round, 8th overall (1996)

Knee injuries derailed Kittles' career at times, but he still averaged 14.3 points and 1.6 steals in 496 games with the Nets.

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