Russell Westbrook altercation with Jazz fans: 5 Top Twitter reactions

- Image credit - NBA on ESPN | YouTube
- Image credit - NBA on ESPN | YouTube

After Russell Westbrook swore at and threatened Jazz fans during the 98-89 victory over Utah, Twitter saw lots of comments.

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Blasting News

After Russell Westbrook heard what he says were insults directed at him by Jazz fans, Fox News reported that he stood up and shouted at them.


Russell Westbrook defender

This tweet came from someone who recalls that the Jazz fans are often disrespectful. They don't think Utah deserves an NBA franchise.


The reaction from a fan who knows Jazz fans have a bad rep

This tweet suggests that nobody will believe a Jazz fan because they have a bad rep. The suggestion is that most of the NBA will back Russell.


Russell supporters think the fan must be accountable

Tweeted clips of someone alleged to be the fan who got yelled at by Westbrook emerged via several people. This person thinks the fan should be held accountable for baiting Westbrook.

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