LeBron leads NBA All-Star voting, Western Conference starters as of January 3

These five players in the West have the most votes so far for the 2019 All-Star Game.


The NBA All-Star Game is set to take place in February 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina, home of the NBA's Hornets. Right now, the first returns for voting have come back showing off the top five players for the starters in the East and West. Remember, these players could end up on different sides depending on how the captains set up their squads.


LeBron James - Los Angeles Lakers

It's no surprise who the leading vote getter is out West and in the entire league. LeBron James continues to make his presence felt, now wearing the purple and gold. The NBA superstar led the Lakers to a top four spot early on in the West. He's been sidelined with injury, but should be back in the next several weeks. Currently, King James has 1,083,363 votes.


Luka Doncic - Dallas Mavericks

It's been some time since an NBA rookie has been talked about this much as Doncic is drawing early comparisons to LeBron in terms of his potential star power. He's still young and it's early in his career, but he's been leading Dallas this season. Doncic has 679,839 votes.


Kevin Durant - Golden State Warriors

KD is a two-time NBA Finals MVP and led the Warriors when Curry was sidelined for multiple games. The Golden State star has 659,968 votes and should be joining Curry as a member of the starters. They may not be on the same side, although if it's LeBron vs Curry as captains, KD makes sense as a top pick for Steph.


Stephen Curry - Golden State Warriors

The NBA's reigning sharpshooter, a two-time NBA MVP, three-time champion, and multiple-time All-Star. The fans continue to show love for Chef Curry as he has 793,111 votes.


Derrick Rose - Minnesota Timberwolves

D-Rose has returned to form in multiple games this season and the fans have noticed. He's already fetched 698.086 votes for a starting spot in the backcourt.

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