Twitter users come up with new titles for Avengers 4

Twitter has a lot of different uses, but one of the best is coming up with oddball subjects to waste time on.


Twitter has a lot of uses. There's also the ability to reach hundreds and even thousands of people if you are tweeting out something people want to read. One of the most interesting aspects of the platform is that there are some seriously strange things that can suddenly become viral. This is true when it was put to Twitter users to come up with new titles for "Avengers 4" using the name of the last song they listened to. It ended up being better than even I expected.


'How Deep is Your Love'

It should be pointed out that this song weirdly fits into some of the underpinnings of the last movie.


Most fitting title ever

If this was actually the song this user was listening to when this tweet came out, it was the very definition of perfect timing.


I want this title to be the thing

This one is perfectly crazy. It's also weirdly poignant.

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