Top 5 most useless items in Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale has had plenty of useless weapons and here are the worst of them.

Epic Games has released numerous new items to "Fortnite Battle Royale" since its release in September 2017. While most of the items have stayed in the game, some of them have been removed. The main reason for removal was the fact that players barely used those items. Below is my list of the most useless items and weapons in "Fortnite Battle Royale," so enjoy!


Smoke Grenade (vaulted)

Smoke Grenade simply wasn't worth wasting an inventory slot on. This item was mostly used for joking with teammates, but players rarely used it in combat. The grenade was vaulted and we will see if Epic Games brings it back at some point.


Crossbow (vaulted)

Crossbow was Epic Games' attempt at a silenced sniper, and even though this weapon was decent, it wasn't used as much as the game developer intended.


Chillers (in the game)

Epic Games had a great idea with the Chiller trap, but the fact is that players only use it to get quickly over the map. Considering that the trap does no damage, it is useless in most situations.


Port-A-Fort (in the game)

Port-A-Fort was a big deal when it was just released, but it was replaced by its big brother, Port-A-Fortress. Port-A-Fort is simply too small and it doesn't offer a great protection against enemies. However, it can definitely save your life every once in a while.


Bush (in the game)

It's a real mystery why Bush hasn't been removed from the game yet. This item was added in Season 1, and despite not many players using it, it is still in the game for some reason.

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