Ari Fleischer claims George H.W. Bush isn't in attendance for his own funeral

It's not clear what the former White House press secretary was doing but it's certain he didn't expect the reaction he got.


When Ari Fleischer sent out a tweet on Wednesday night that read, "Every VP since 1977 is at President Bush’s funeral, except one. Mondale, Quayle, Gore, Cheney, Biden, and Pence are there. The only one missing is President Reagan’s VP, George HW Bush," it's not entirely clear what the point of the message was supposed to be. It's a certainty that he wasn't prepared for the reaction he got on Twitter.


A macabre treasure hunt

One Twitter user simply made it clear the former VP ... and President was there and Ari just needed to know where to look.


'Scrubs' meme fits perfectly

The caption is one piece of perfect trolling. The fact that the scene pictured is when the characters went to a funeral is another layer.


He's there alright

This user seems to be legitimately confused about why Ari would think the guest of honor isn't there.

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