5 stars for the Baltimore Ravens in their win over the Atlanta Falcons

Baltimore took down the Ravens on December 2 and improved to 7-6 in the process.

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The Baltimore Ravens have had a bit of a resurgence in the second half of the NFL season. With their win over the Atlanta Falcons, they improved to 7-6 and are in line for a wild-card berth at the very least. In that 26-16 win, there were several players that stood out from the pack.


Lamar Jackson (QB)

Jackson had to leave the game for a spell due to injury but he managed to put together a solid game nonetheless. He completed 12 of 21 passes for 125 yards while also rushing for 75 yards and a touchdown.


Sam Koch (P)

Sam Koch didn't just help his team by averaging 47.3 yards on three punts. He also hit a 21-yard pass on a fake punt that kept a drive alive.


Tavon Young (CB)

Defensive back Tavon Young didn't rack up a ton of stats. He did have a fumble recovery he took all the way back for a touchdown. In a game with a 10-point margin, that was a big time positive play.

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