Twitter reacts to the Philadelphia Eagles setting a record for embarrassing losses

The Eagles lost to the New Orleans Saints 48-7 on Sunday which was a record blowout for defending Super Bowl champions.

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There was a time when people thought the Philadelphia Eagles were about to start a brand new dynasty. They won the Super Bowl with a young quarterback. They have a young, charismatic head coach. 2019 has not gone to plan. It got much worse on Sunday, November 18 when they set the record for worst loss by a defending Super Bowl champion. Social media predictably had some reactions to the 48-7 defeat at the hands of the New Orleans Saints.


Drew Brees continues great season with great game

Drew Brees wants to go back to the Super Bowl. He's almost willing the team there. On Sunday, the Saints quarterback put up another great game and Twitter was there to witness it.


Doing the happy dance

Needless to say, fans of teams in the NFC East that saw the Eagles go down and go down hard were pretty darn happy about the outcome.


Big change from last year

One Twitter user felt the below video demonstrated quite well, the big difference between the Eagles this season and last.

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