Twitter reacts to Marco Rubio's football flub

Marco Rubio tried to make a football analogy about the Florida election and it didn't go well.

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Marco Rubio got himself into a little hot water on Twitter earlier this week. While complaining about the Florida recount he tried to use a football analogy that Twitter users were quick to find fault with.

While the analogy itself is a little weak, it's the "3 pt kick" that had social media guffawing. Most football fans simply call that a "field goal." Rubio himself even did as much later in the tweet. Check out the best reactions to this little flub below.


The Veterans' response

One of the reasons they are still counting votes in Florida is because of absentee ballots. The overwhelming majority of those are from troops serving overseas.


Mid-day infomercials

One twitter user quickly leapt on his wrongheaded use of 3 point kick to demonstrate a man who is clearly pandering.


Really bringing the "he doesn't know sports" angle home

This user went all the way to show just how funny Rubio not really understanding the sport he talked about can be.

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