Top 5 NBA player performances for November 15

These five NBA stars put in top notch performances for Thursday night's games.

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It was a small group of NBA games on Thursday (November 15) but still some mighty performances. Below are five players who came through in victories for their NBA teams.


James Harden - Houston Rockets

It was a big win for the Houston Rockets on Thursday night. They topped Golden State, 107-86, thanks to James Harden's 27 points, three boards, three assists, and two steals.


Juan Hernangomez - Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets power forward came up with the big stats in a 138-93 blowout of the Atlanta Hawks. Hernangomez had a team-high 25 points to go with nine rebounds, an assist, and a steal.


Lou Williams - Los Angeles Clippers

Williams is back to doing his thing as a reserve and doing it well. He came off the bench on Thursday night to record 23 points in 28 minutes of game time. That helped Los Angeles pick up the five-point win and move to 9-5 overall with a 7-1 home record.

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