Chicago Cubs: 5 stats that tell the story of Kris Bryant's season

Kris Bryant suffered an injury that hurt his production but these numbers show just why the production was what it was.

Kris Bryant had a rather difficult season. Some of that was due to his wrist, but five stats definitely tell the tale of just why the Chicago Cubs' 3rd baseman had the kind of season he did.



One trend that has improved as Kris Bryant continues his career is his strikeout rate going down. He had 199 his rookie season, 154 in 2016 and just 128 in 2017. While he technically had less (107) he also had more than 200 less at bats than the prior year. It's safe to say his Ks would have gone up if he'd played in his usual 150+ games.


On base percentage

Much like strikeouts, there was a very obvious trend in improvement over Bryant's career as a Cub. His OBP climbed from .369 in his rookie year to .409 in his third season. It dropped to an almost career low of .374 last season.


Slugging percentage

Speaking of career lows, Kris Bryant's slugging was indeed the lowest he's ever seen in 2018. Not only was it his lowest but his .460 slugging was 28 points lower than his previous low.


Wins Above Replacement (WAR)

This is sometimes thought of as the hardest to figure out but it also tells the best tale. Bryant spent much of his career with great WAR. In 2017, it was over six. That means that having him on the roster over someone else they had to call up from AAA or the like means the team added six wins to their record. That's the difference between making the playoffs and not almost every year. In 2018, his WAR was not only a career low, it plummeted. The 1.9 was over four lower than his previous low.


defensive Wins Above Replacement (dWAR)

While Kris Bryant is never scoring really high in this category, (career high is 0.8) 2018 was the first season he went negative (-0.5). This shows his struggles weren't just on the offensive side of the field. He struggled from start to finish.

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