5 celebrity birthdays for November 21

These stars are celebrating their day of birth just ahead of Thanksgiving 2018.


On November 21, plenty of famous people were born over the years. For example, the famous French writer/historian/philosopher Voltaire was born way back in 1694. He would be 324 years old if it was humanly possible. Here are five Celebrities born on this day that are actually celebrating their special day.


Goldie Hawn

As of November 21, the popular actress is celebrating her 73rd birthday on the planet. Hawn starred in popular comedy films like "Protocol," "Bird on a Wire," and "Overboard." She's also the mother of another actress, Kate Hudson.


Michael Strahan

Strahan is visible just about every channel you turn to these days. He's a host or analyst on game shows, "GMA," and "NFL" programs on FOX. Strahan is known for his days spent playing defense for the New York Giants and he celebrates his 47th birthday today.


Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae is famous for her hit "Call Me Maybe" which became stuck in people's heads just about everywhere. The Canadian singer/songwriter turned 33 on Wednesday.

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