Venom sets new October opening record with $80 million launch, 5 facts

It was a record weekend at the box office for Sony's release of Venom, which delivered a massive $80 million.


Venom” sets a new record for October launch

“Venom” has busted the previous record set by “Gravity” of $55.7 million and led the charts with a whopping $80 million opening. The flick is being shown in 4250 screens.


Sony pulls off a record with a shoestring budget

Sony has kept the cost low with a reported budget of $100 million; the film has already earned an estimated global start of $205 million.


“Venom” blitzkrieg hits International Box Office With $125.2 Million

The flick has already raked in $125.2 million from the international market from 20,800 screens which are a record for any international opening. South Korea leads with$16.3 million.


“Venom” had a score of 31% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Venom" pulled off its surprise box office success in spite of some negative reviews and a score of 31% on Rotten Tomatoes site.


“Venom” still not declared a hit

How successful “Venom” will be at the box office will depend upon whether the interest about the flick will transfer from the diehard fans to the general audience. The coming weeks will decide if the Sony has hit the Jackpot or a dud.

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