The Walking Dead: 5 things to know about the video game's final season

Telltale Games is closing down but the final season of the beloved series will still be finished.


Telltale Games has been looking for help since the layoffs

When the original creators of "The Walking Dead" video game announced they were laying off most of their staff, they made it clear they wanted to find someone to who could complete the final season.


The final season has already released a few chapters

Telltale has already released or completed the first two chapters of the final season. That's the reason the company is so hot to find a way to finish. Backlash by gamers who were unhappy with the way Telltale's staff was let go had hindered the search.


Telltale announced they had found a partner

During the New York Comic Con, Telltale did indeed find a company to help them finish "The Walking Dead."


Skybound Games is taking over the production

Skybound games was announced as the mysterious benefactor who will work with some of the remaining Telltale devs in order to finish "The Walking Dead" and its final season.


Robert Kirkman is heading up Skybound

While there are going to be some bad feelings about this deal, lovers of the series can at least take heart in the fact that the man who writes the comic book the game is based on is going to be helming the video game now. Skybound publishes "The Walking Dead" comics. It seems as though it's in the right hands if it can't be with Telltale.

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