This Wednesday's episode of “Riverdale” will continue to follow Jughead and Betty's investigation into the Gargoyle King and the game “Gryphons & Gargoyles,” but as per usual on “Riverdale” this is just one small part of what's happening. Wednesday's episode will continue with season three's mystery but will add only more drama for the characters to deal with.

The CW released first look photos of Veronica's speakeasy which will debut in the October 24 episode entitled “As Above, So Below.” The photos showed Veronica and Josie glamoured out in floor-length gowns and Reggie set up behind the bar.

The synopsis teased Veronica will be faced with several roadblocks when trying to open up her speakeasy which could be at the hands of her father Hiram who is determined to work against his daughter's plans.

The episode will also find Betty getting to know Evelyn Evernever and confronting her mom about the newly found guidance from the Farm during a group meeting taking place at her house. Elsewhere in the episode, Betty and Jughead continue their sleuthing while Archie faces a decision that could change his future. Drama has only just begun for Archie and his friends while things begin to heat up with a dark secret and a complicated romance for fan favorite "Riverdale" parents.

Veronica and Archie continue to fight back

While Veronica juggles her new speakeasy and her mission to free Archie, "Riverdale" has set in motion an intense journey for Archie. Last Wednesday's episode of "Riverdale" set into motion more twists on Archie's time in juvenile detention as Hiram made a drastic move against the couple by turning a friendly game of football with Ghoulies and Serpents in a short-lived truce into an ambush.

Archie soon discovered he was down a roommate when the Warden revealed Mad Dog had supposedly died in the riot which he wasn't in attendance for. This led to the reveal that Archie has been tapped, which fans won't know exactly what that meets until this week's episode.

KJ Apa teased to Us Weekly that Archie has gone into survival mode and is doing whatever he can to get through his time locked up.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased things will be violent and intense while maintaining a noir tone. The showrunner added Archie will struggle to keep his Archiness. Apa shared the situation will be tough for Archie going forward as new revelations continue to come to light.

While Archie fights back, Veronica has her own fight to win. As new a new owner, she's fighting for her business Pop's and new speakeasy to stay legitimate as a way to break free of her father's corrupt image. Jughead and Betty will be heading up the investigation into the Gargoyle King while Veronica will focus on setting Archie free which includes Veronica going up against her dad who is working to get her back in control.

Veronica will face the reality she can't control everything happening. Season three will continue to explore the complicated relationships she has with both her mom and dad.

F.P. and Alice to have complications

The teenage couples aren't the only ones facing drama. Since their first scene together, fans have been waiting to see F.P. and Alice become a reality. When the CW released the season three trailer, fans got a glimpse of this reality. The couple, dubbed Falice by fans, have an intense and complicated history as revealed in season two after Alice goes to F.P to share the news about their son's death. In an interview with Collider, Madchen Amick and Skeet Ulrich shared teases about their characters' relationship and the rocky time ahead.

F.P. is dealing with guiding Jughead in his new position as leader of the Serpents, but the actor rests assured F.P. is still after revenge.

Alice's biggest struggle will be dealing with the consequences of her husband being the Black Hood and the newfound solace she found with the Farm. Amick shared that Alice is running from dealing with what happened by converting to the ways of the Farm. Gina Gershon and Trinity Rose have been cast as Jughead's mom and sister who will show up to make things more complicated not just for F.P. and Jughead but for F.P.'s relationship with Alice. Fans have yet to be introduced to the rest of Jughead's family due to their absence after leaving them. Their return will give F.P. several questions about his life. Their appearance will change everything between F.P. and Alice, for Jughead, and for the Serpents.