5 Twitter reactions to the Bengals getting blown out by Kansas City

The Cincinnati Bengals were no match for the Kansas City Chiefs and Twitter had some hot takes.

The Bengals got blown out by the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday and Twitter had some opinions on the game.


Ohio is not having a great weekend

One Twitter user drew the line from Ohio State to Cleveland to Cincy all losing.


Coaching problems?

The Bengals played flat out bad. One has to wonder why.


Punting down five touchdowns

This user was one of many that wasn't thrilled with punting when the team was going to lose badly anyway.


Some optimism

There was at least one Twitter user who thinks the Bengals can bounce back from this kind of butt whooping.


The new logo

The logo demonstrates not only what the Bengals did on Sunday night, but what they do whenever they play in primetime

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