Five remarkable facts that will make you love A Star Is Born even more

French Tune inspired Bradley Cooper to end his quest for Ally with Lady Gaga.


Bradley Cooper heard Lady Gaga sing and chose her for the lead role

Director Bradley Cooper saw Lady Gaga sing Edith Piaf’s “La Vie en rose” and not only included the song in his film but also finalised Lady Gaga to play the character Ally in “A Star Is Born.”


Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga became great friends

In the run-up to release the film Lady Gaga and Director Cooper often talked about their similar Italian –American upbringing. The pair had amazing chemistry and soon became great friends of one another


The songs were written during the shoot

The songs of “A Star Is Born” were written during the shoot and one particular song “I Don’t Know what love is” was written by Lady Gaga in an emotional state after the cop bar scène. The song was later completed by Lukas Nelson who is the son of legendary country singer Willie Nelson. Lukas wrote and produced some songs for the film

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