5 worst ideas to replace Henry Cavill as Superman

There are some actors that have popped up as a replacement that would be pretty bad ideas.

Ever since the rumors hit that Henry Cavill could be leaving the role of Superman, there has been all kinds of talk about who might replace him. Some are quite a bit worse than others.


Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

While Johnson is certainly muscular enough to play the role, he doesn't have the gravitas to pull it off. To his credit, he's become a great comedic actor, but that's not what we're looking for in Superman. Besides he is already playing Black Adam for the DCUE.


John Krasinski

Like Johnson, Krasinski is a good actor who just doesn't seem like a fit for the role of the Man of Steel.


Tyler Hoechlin

While Tyler Hoechlin plays Superman in the CW's Arrowverse on Super Girl, he doesn't have the resume, or really the acting chops to play the same character on the big screen.


Rob Delaney

It appears that Rob Delaney is the only one who thinks Rob Delaney should be Superman. We agree. He's simply too sexy.


Nicolas Cage

There was a time when Cage was a candidate for Superman. There is talk he should get another shot. He's going to need to stick to voicing one of the Spider-Men in the upcoming animated movie and stay away from the Man of Steel

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