5 questions facing the Chicago Cubs pitching staff

We might not be getting answers to these questions around the Chicago Cubs for several months.


Did the rotation really turn it around?

After a rather rough start to the season, the rotation was lights out for most of the second half of the season. Did they turn it around, or did the addition of Cole Hamels and the subtraction of Tyler Chatwood just make it look better.


Is Cole Hamels coming back?

One of the best deadline deals Theo has made in his time with Chicago, Cole Hamels played a big role in their second half. He posted a 2.36 ERA with the Cubs, after posting a 4.72 ERA with the Rangers in the first half of the season.


What's up with Yu Darvish?

Darvish was supposed to be the big free agent signing of the season for the Chicago Cubs. Instead he pitched poorly more often than not, then missed most of the year with an injury. There's a real question to how much Darvish enjoys baseball at this point. And then of course there is whether he can make a comeback. He's a key point in the rotation.


Can Tyler Chatwood be fixed?

If Darvish is the biggest rotation question for the team, then whether or not Tyler Chatwood can just return to the mediocre pitcher he was with the Rockies is the second biggest. He was basically shut down for the season in mid-august because he was pitching so poorly. He's under contract for two more years, which means the Cubs have to hope he can be fixed.


Is Jose Quintana trade bait?

The Cubs are going to be looking to upgrade the roster in a number of different ways. Quintana could be a nice trade piece, especially if Hamels is brought back. The big question is whether or not Chicago can afford to trade him with so many other questions about the rotation.

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