5 pressing storylines for the Chicago Cubs this offseason

There are some stories and questions that speak louder than others in the 2018 offseason.

The Chicago Cubs are facing some interesting storylines in the 2018 offseason. Check out the top of the top.


Who takes over as hitting coach?

Chili Davis is gone. Who might the Cubs hire to replace him? Will they be able to turn Chicago's offense around?


Can Yu Darvish make a full comeback?

If Darvish can make a full recovery, then the Chicago Cubs' starting pitching could be quite good in 2018. If he can't make the comeback, then it could start a domino effect.


Where will Bryce Harper end up?

The Chicago Cubs are expected to go hard after Bryce Harper. Will they really go all-in? Or is Harper going to end up elsewhere? If they can sign him, it's a safe bet they'll be the favorites to win the NL Central.


What's to become of Joe Maddon

Joe Maddon will return in 2019, but his contract runs out after next season. Is this a lameduck season or will Theo and Jed sign him to an extension? It appears for now he's not getting an extra year.


Will Addison Russell be on the Chicago Cubs in 2019?

Addison Russell has been suspended for the first 40 games of next season. He also had a pretty bad 2018. Will the Cubs bring him back? Are they going to dump him for nothing?

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