5 movies scenes actors ended up regretting

At times, actors will do anything for their craft. Sometimes, they end up regretting that fact.

Some of the most iconic movie scenes in history are also scenes that actors often end up regretting. Check out the top five scenes that actors eventually regretted right here.


Kate Winslet's nude scene in Titanic

The comment "draw me like one of your French girls" might have really put Kate Winslet on the map. She's had a hell of a career since. The thing is, the nudity that came right after that comment is something she's quite embarrassed about. Apparently people often ask her to sign a nude picture of her and it's less than appreciated by the actor.


Terence Stamp in The Phantom Menace

People might forget that Stamp played one of the men that allowed Emperor Palaptine to come to power in the Star Wars Universe. He had a small part in the first of the prequels that, on screen, was alongside Natalie Portman. It turns out that when he shot that scene, she was nowhere to be found. This turned out to be a big negative because he really liked the actress. He's said he wouldn't have appeared in the flicks if he had known this would be the case.


Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers

Jennifer Lawrence didn't regret an on-screen scene so much as she regretted doing several love scenes because she was drunk during the performances saying that she felt too uncomfortable kissing a married man (Chris Pratt) and so doesn't even remember doing the scenes.


Sharon Stone uncrossing her legs

If you're a movie fan, you likely hear the name Sharon Stone and know exactly what scene we're about to talk about. It's a scene in "Basic Instinct" where she uncrossed her legs to reveal her "down belows" without underwear. Years after the fact she claims that the director told her to remove her panties because they were distracting in the shot. She claims she didn't know the shot was going to focus where it did.


Margot Robbie gets gooey for Joker

There might be quite a few reasons why Margot Robbie would regret doing "Suicide Squad" at the top of the list for the actress was apparently the scene where she had to jump into a vat of "chemicals" in order to fully transform into Harley Quinn. She told the Washington Post, later, that the stuff in the vat was gooey and constantly got in her nose and ears and eyes and she couldn't see or breathe very well.

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