5 horror movies coming soon that could scare viewers silly

Move over Michael Myers, there are more horror flicks coming to theaters for moviegoers.

Michael Myers returned for the "Halloween" sequel that many fans have been craving since 1978. After he made a killing at the box office, horror fans are seeking new entertaining flicks to satisfy their scare meters. Here are five that may be worth checking out before 2018 ends.


'Suspiria' (November 2)

Amazon Studios brings a remake of the classic from 1977. In this film, an American dancer heads to a renowned dance academy, in Berlin, in the late 70s, only to discover it has haunted happenings and "unusual occurrences." Tilda Swanton, Dakota Johnson, and Chloe Grace Moretz head up the ensemble cast.


'Overlord' (November 9)

Bring on the super-Nazi soldiers! This J.J. Abrams flick is about American soldiers that find a camp where genetic experiments are creating freakish super soldiers. Time to bring out the flamethrowers as a top line of defense.


'The Clovehitch Killer' (November 16)

Teenager Tyler lives in what seems like a quiet town with a good overall environment. While his carpenter father Don leads the Scout troop, Tyler begins to suspect his father of being a killer. That leads to a tense relationship as one might imagine. This thriller film stars Dylan McDermott and Samantha Mathis.


'Anna and the Apocalypse' (December 7)

Let's depart from the straight horror for a different brand of horror movie. In "Anna and the Apocalypse," viewers will get a zombie musical complete with "bouncy pop tunes and power ballads." It's that sort of not-so-feel-good-but-fun zombie survival musical you know you've always wanted!


'The House That Jack Built' (December 28)

Matt Dillon takes on the role of serial killer Jack in this psychological horror film. Viewers will follow Jack's murderous path over 12 years, spanning the 1970s and 1980s. This is directed by Lars von Trier, and also features Uma Thurman and Bruno Ganz, among other star actors.

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