Top 5 Nebraska players in the Madden NFL 19 game

A look at the highest-rated Cornhuskers stars in EA's hit football game.


Prince Amukamara - Chicago Bears, CB

Starting off the list of top five Huskers in "Madden" right now is former NY Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara. He now stars for the Chicago Bears and already in the 2018 season, Amukamara has an INT for a touchdown. Bears fan can use this defensive star and his 79 rating in the "Madden 19" game.


Ameer Abdullah - Detroit Lions, RB

This Lions running back is among the top five players in the "Madden NFL" game. Abdullah sports an 82 in the game. While he's not among the top backs, he contributed for the Detroit offense a year ago. He tallied 552 yards and four touchdowns just last season. Not bad, but he's shown even greater abilities before with Bo Pellini's Huskers. Abdullah is now a trade target for many teams.


Sam Koch - Baltimore Ravens, P

It may surprise some fans that a steady punt kicker is the third-highest rated Cornhusker in "Madden." Koch is a veteran in the league, having competed since 2006 with the Ravens. He's racked up 42,754 punting yards and 45.2 yards per kick during his career. He's also got an 84 in "Madden 19" and has been very reliable.


Ndamukong Suh - Los Angeles Rams, DT

During the offseason, Suh made headlines as teams were looking to sign him as a free agent. The Ram made the big move and so far it has paid off this season as their team is firing on all cylinders with a 3-0 record. He's also the second-best Nebraska player in terms of "Madden" ratings with a 94 right now.


Lavonte David - Tampa Bay Buccaneers, ROLB

David rules all Huskers players in the latest "Madden" game. The right outside linebacker is a former second-round pick by the Buccaneers. He currently has an overall rating of 95, the best of any Nebraska player in the video game. Check out his ability to quickly react to the Steelers in the highlight video here!

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