Top 5 hip-hop albums that are out right now on iTunes

A look at what's topping the iTunes hip-hop album charts to end September.


"Tha Carter V" - Lil Wayne

Weezy finally delivered his fifth "Carter" album on September 28. "Tha Carter V" is everything fans hoped for, with guest spots featuring Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, Ashanti, and even Wayne's own daughter. It's certainly a worthy entry into his all-time catalog and will soon be battling it out with Kanye West's newest release (should it arrive as anticipated).


"Luca Brasi 3" - Kevin Gates

On a day jam-packed with new hip-hop releases, another one of the heavyweights to drop an album was Gates. Here, he brings his fans "Luca Brasi 3," a moving 18-track LP that includes his trademark hard-hitting beats and potent lyrics. Score another successful release for Gates, who "Don't Get Tired" of releasing hit music.


"YSIV" - Logic

Taking the third spot on iTunes recent hip-hop album charts is rapper Logic, with his "YSIV" LP. That's "Young Sinatra IV," and it may very well be the hip-hop star's best release to date. It includes an eight-minute long guest track, featuring the original members of Wu-Tang Clan. There's Jaden Smith, Hailee Steinfeld, Wale, bangin' beats, and, of course, Logic's lyrical powers on full display.


"Kamikaze" - Eminem

The three new albums above Eminem still can't stop the power of "Kamikaze." It's setting records around the world for sales numbers and is still going strong on top of Billboard's charts. Not bad for a 45-year-old rapper, who some people (MGK) might think is washed up at this point in his career. Em' will have a bit of competition coming, though.


"Elephants on Acid" - Cypress Hill

The hip-hop pioneers responsible for "Insane in the Membrane" and "How I Could Just Kill a Man," quietly resurfaced with another new release on Friday. "Elephants on Acid" showcases B-Real and Sen Dog, once again, as they assault the mic. It's garnered enough praise and notice from fans to reach the No. 5 spot on iTunes for now, showing the longevity of these legends in the genre.

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