Disney has announced that they have started work on their Marvel inspired expansion in Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim, California. ComicBook has said that the park has been slowly building up its planned area with the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride, built inside the original Tower of Terror ride. It became the first Marvel-inspired ride to be built on the west coast since Disney bought Marvel in 2009.

The area is currently under construction and is surrounded by a Stark Industries gate. The project was originally announced earlier this year and is scheduled to be opened in 2020.

The new land will bring the Avengers and Spider-Man to Disneyland's neighboring park.

Disney unsure what to name the Marvel-inspired area

Disney Imagineers are unsure about what attractions will fill the area. Currently, there is no name for the land. At the moment, Disney refers to the land as a "Super Hero-themed land" because of a 1994 deal the company made with Universal Studios, that prohibits Disney from using the name "Marvel" in its name.

Disney and NBC Universal reached a deal keeping Disney from using Marvel in its title, forcing them to not allow them to call their new land "Marvel Land" or any similar titles.

Part of the deal also forces Disney to not be allowed to use certain Marvel characters east of the Mississippi.

According to Cinemablend the '94 deal gave Universal the rights to many of the popular Marvel characters like Wolverine, the Hulk, and Spider-Man in their theme parks all over the world, but only if they exercised those rights.

This deal kept Walt Disney World from using characters like Spider-Man who has already made a home at Universal Studios.

California Adventure is not the only park to have a Marvel fixture. Both Marvel and Disney have multiple projects planned in their international theme parks, featuring Iron Man and superhero pair Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Disney is set to debut a Marvel-based roller coaster at the Walt Disney World Resort in 2021 for its 50th-anniversary celebration.

Marvel-inspired land not the only project for Disney parks

While Disney has started work on their Marvel inspired land, Disneyland has begun constructing on their Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, with the intention of opening sometime next summer. This new land will also feature a cantina that will offer alcohol inside Disneyland, for the first time.

While Disney usually completes one major project before starting the next, Disney needs both locations open quickly. When Galaxy's Edge opens in Disneyland, they will soon be more crowded. Having their Marvel land open, will help ease crowds in Disneyland, allowing guests to have something else worth doing in the other park.