The 5 best games for taking advantage of the PS4's cross play announcement

Sony has announced that it will be embracing full console crossplay, opening a new era in video gaming.



Not only will this game be perfect for cross play, but it was specifically mentioned by Sony as the first game that will have the feature.



This game is similar to Fortnite and many might even like it better.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

You're likely noticing a pattern at this point as this game will also have a Battle Royale mode which would be even better if it can be played across all platforms.


Rocket League

The first game that isn't a Battle Royale on the list. This soccer game using cars would be an absolute blast if you could take on your friends who own it on the Xbox One.


Destiny 2

This massive multiplayer is more fun when you can get friends to go alien hunting with you. Imagine if you could do it with your friends who are already skilled at the game on other platforms.

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