5 Scary Halloween Horror Nights 2018 mazes to visit in Hollywood, CA

These mazes based on scary shows, movies, and monsters tap into peoples' worst fears!


'Stranger Things' Maze

The hit Netflix show "Stranger Things" has developed a huge fan following. Now fans can visit this terrifying maze based on the show's first season. It features plenty of familiar sights, sounds, and scares, including numerous Demogorgons. This one even scared members of the cast when they visited!


'The First Purge' Maze

The franchise of movies known as "The Purge" lives on through this maze based on the latest movie. Those who have seen the films know the plot - people embark on a night full of crime, once a year, called "The Purge." In this maze, you feel like you're part of that tradition, as scary characters galore are lurking!


'Poltergeist' Maze

Yet another classic horror movie is 1982's "Poltergeist." This one is based on ghosts stalking a family by communicating through the television set. Everyone has seen that famous scene and the "Poltergeist" maze recreates that at least a few times. That's only part of the terror one experiences in this Hollywood Horror maze!


'Halloween IV' Maze

In 2018, frightening horror icon Michael Myers makes his return, just in time for the Halloween holiday. As Myers returns to the big screen, this particular maze finds visitors making sure they don't run into the masked killer. Horror fans will be hoping and praying that Jamie Lee Curtis is there to save the day!


'Trick 'r Treat' Maze

This maze packs the scares thanks to the newer horror film "Trick 'r Treat." It features a new horror icon, known simply as "Sam," and a series of different stories taking place on Halloween night. Those stories are transformed right into the maze, with Sam ready to pop out, whenever he can, to scare the pants off people!

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