Instagram presents opportunities for celebrities to endorse products and share selfies of their rich and famous lives. But lots of people prefer to look at pictures of dogs. Some of them have millions of followers. Fast Company noted on their website, that last year some of the most popular dogs includes a pug with three million followers. @jiffpom, a Pomeranian garnered an incredible seven million followers. There's not enough space at the top of the top-dog charts and many of them sit in lower limbo like most of us humans. However, some dogs deserve to be recognized for their classy, odd-ball and funny hairstyles.

Here are the top eight dog hairstyles to amuse animal lovers.

1) The scorpion dog haircut

Some people couldn't decide if this scorpion haircut was funny, fascinating or just plain weird. One user noted that the dog looked unhappy with the new hair-do, while another felt this was just too bad for the dog. Another user told the Instagrammer never to do it again or they would hack their account. This artwork was rated as my top selection in the odd-ball dog haircut awards.

2) Toy Poodle top-cut dog-style

Nemo_the_teddy captioned this as "Do you like my new herrrr cut?" The cute top-cut style does suit this little fella. It looks good enough to scoop with your favorite ice cream with those chocolate button eyes.

This has to be one of the cutest dog hairstyles on Instagram.

3) The classy socialite haircut

The classiest haircut on Instagram dog photos just has to go to @kimael's photo. This pooch is perfectly manicured, erect, regal and obviously from the polished upper-class of poodles. The stately pet seems to be ignoring brown paparazzi pup.

4) Growing through the top of my hair

This dog seems to have a problem that many human men have. The hair below the chin is longer than the hair on top. As they age, men also often have problems with hair around and in their ears, while too much hair grows on their chests. This pup seems to have a problem with hairy legs, sideburns, and beard.

This dog was nominated in the needing a shave class.

5) Forgot to wash the hair gell out last night?

This doggy looks like last night was a fun time with friends, but they went to bed with the hair gell on. Time to wash that gel off and prep for the morning walk in the park. Or wait - maybe take a trip to the dog stylist first if you want to impress that classy socialite poodle.

6) Most appealing flowing locks

These little dogs in the pet stroller are so appealing. They weren't too sure about the stroller, as their owner noted that Ru and Azuki looked confused at first but they actually enjoyed outside. They look cute and comfortable and those flowing locks are beautifully styled. Wouldn't want to run around - might get the hair tangled in knots.

7) Classic elegance

Now, this is classic elegance. The model is obviously set for better things in life and will surely trend alongside the likes of Kate Moss on glossy mags. Just love those bangs darlin'! The scarf's a must-have accessory for any dog-day in the sunflower field.

8) The Hampster look

Look, I know I'm as cute as a button, but hampsters are cuter. So, the best of both words is the hamster look on a cute, cuddly pup. Just let the cat know I'm a dog and not an edible!

What do you think of the Top 8 odd-ball, funny and classy dog haircuts? Would you like your dog to have one of these styles? Stay up to date with buzz, curious and Viral Stories by checking in with Blasting Pop often.