Cats and kittens can be good for our well-being, according to a study by Mental Health Org UK. Cute kittens are so appealing, but there's more to them than just looking cuddly. According to their study with Cat Protection, "87 percent of people who owned a cat felt it had a positive impact on their wellbeing, while 76 percent said they could cope with everyday life much better thanks to the company of their feline friends." Nearly a third of the people who participated felt that being able to stroke a cat was very "calming."

You may not own a kitten or any cats, but even looking at cute pictures of kittens can make us feel better.

Several media outlets ran a story, including the Huffington Post, that referred to research done by Japanese researcher Hiroshi Nittono. The team at Hiroshima University found that looking at pictures of cute animals, including kittens can boost your productivity. That's a great reason to take a break and look at cute kittens in a basket. Here are the top seven cute kittens in a basket from the creative commons website contributors at Pixabay.

1) 5 blue-eyes kitten in a basket

These gorgeous little kits are like five peas in a pod. They are so cute with their clear eyes and appealing little faces. Feeling better yet?

2) More cuteness for cat lovers

This little kitten is a bit squinty-eyed but still looks totally adorable in the colorful basket.

In fact, a few minutes with this mischievous little kitten could help your blood pressure to lower, and make you think positive thoughts. note that's because their round faces and big eyes are reminiscent of babies.

3) Polar-bear kitten with a pink nose

This little kitten is so white, it could be a really tiny polar bear.

So cute, so white, this little one could surely brighten up anyone's day.

4) Browsing pictures or video on the web boosts productivity

The Wall Street Journal noted that browsing the web for a while can boost mental productivity.

But if you do, why not get the added feel-good feeling this kitten brings?

5) This back and white cutie looks a bit unsure

This little black and white ball of fur looks a bit uncertain about this basket. But the rug matches the color of his nose, which is kind of cool.

6) Three reasons to smile

Smiling makes us feel better about ourselves and these kittens are three great reasons to smile. Their soft furriness makes you want to pick them up and hug an armful of love.

7) The gift basket cat

This cat in a gift basket almost looks like the goodies were tossed out so the kitten could take center-stage. Actually, the kitten looks a bit like it's going on into cat-teen years, so...anything's possible.

What do you think about cute kittens making us feel better? Do you think it's just wishful thinking, or can looking at seven cute pictures of kittens in a basket make you calmer and more productive?