Members of the Ball family, who stayed home, wanted a taste of what life was like for Melo and Gelo, so they all went to Lithuania for a visit. While in Lithuania, all of the brothers make a visit to the physiotherapist as they're all dealing with injuries.

As LaVar, Melo, and Gelo had been in Lithuania for four months, the whole family decided to come to Lithuania to see them, even though Melo, Gelo, and LaVar would be leaving a few days later. Lonzo went to Lithuania thinking it was a city until Gelo told him it was a country. When Lonzo and his bodyguard Nic arrived at the Vytautas mineral spa, where Melo and Gelo resided, the first thing they did was go in Melo's room.

Melo's room was a mess, as clothes and food were seen all over the place, which Zo said was typical for Melo, as his room is always a mess.

Reunited in Lithuania

With the whole family in Lithuania, they all decided to spend time together as a family and do things that Melo and Gelo do when they have free time. One thing they do is go to a game area where they play pool. LaVar beats everyone he faces, which included his father Yank, Zo, and Melo. They also went to a water park where they had a good time going down water slides. Yank got stuck in one of them, as he had a hard time going down due to his size of 270 pounds. They also went to a gym and worked out, which caused a debate between Yank and LaVar about how the boys should be working out.

Speaking of working out, Zo said for the upcoming season, he wants to get to 205-210 pounds. He is listed at 190 pounds on his profile on the NBA website.


When Melo and Gelo got hurt, they went to see Daniel, who is a physiotherapist and helped them treat and rehab their injuries. All of the Ball brothers had an injury, as Melo injured his back, Gelo injured his ankle, and Zo injured his knee during the season.

With their tenure in Lithuania coming to an end, Gelo said that Daniel helped him a lot, which prompted Zo to get Daniel to take a look at his knee. Daniel said that something in his knee wasn't lined up so Daniel bent Zo's knee back which put it back in place. Zo said that Daniel helped him, which could be the case, but Zo still had to undergo knee surgery.

Next episode

After all the "Ball in the Family" reality show episodes on Facebook, a preview is shown about what's going to be in the next episode. For Episode 6, which will air next Sunday (July 15) on Facebook Watch, Gelo and Melo return home, but Melo doesn't seem so excited, as when he's asked if he's happy to be home, he responds with "eh." Also, in the next episode, the boys are seen running with their dogs, and Denise and Zo have their photos taken.