A group of cold-case investigators believes they have discovered the true identity of D.B. Cooper. They allegedly decoded a message by D.B. Cooper which contains a confession from Vietnam veteran Robert Rackstraw, who has been a strong suspect in the skyjacking.

According to the New York Daily News, the coded message was sent to "The Oregonian." Just a few months before the newspaper received the message, D.B. Cooper hijacked a flight headed to Seattle, and later parachuted out of the plane with $200,000, never to be heard from again.

D.B. Cooper survived the famous skyjacking

The letter also claimed that the skyjacker was not dead, but alive, and had been in the Bahamas. It also said the writer likes all the articles that were written about him, but that they could not stop him. He also said to tell the cops that D.B. Cooper is not his real name.

The team of investigators was led by television producer Tom Colbert. Colbert received the letter after filing a suit against the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the D.B. Cooper files. Colbert has said that nobody knew the letter existed. The letter was very similar to other Cooper letters, so Colbert ended up contacting a code breaker, who managed to find the hidden message in the letter.

The codebreaker managed to find similar phrases that were repeated throughout the letter including "D.B. Cooper is not real," and "Uncle." Colbert's codebreaker decoded several words and discovered them to mean "by skyjacking a jet plane." The codebreaker was forced to use a letter and number deciphering system.

Robert Rackstraw confessed to skyjacking in the letter

Vietnam Veteran Robert Rackstraw managed to encode him admitting, "I am Cooper." In previous letters, he hid identifiers such as his military units and his initials. Rackstraw had previously sent letters to four different newspapers.

Rackstraw is now 74 and is currently living in the San Diego area.

According to Inquisitr, reporters have attempted to contact him but failed to reach him. The Inquisitr did say that Colbert believes that they got their man. Colbert said Rackstraw is narcissistic and was attempting to prove he could outsmart everyone else.

While Colbert and his team believe they have finally identified their man, the FBI has not accepted their findings. The news of the identity of D.B. Cooper has received mixed reactions on Twitter. Some believe that Rackstraw is not D.B. Cooper and that someone else identified by investigators is the true skyjacker. One person on Twitter believes that the team who found the Golden State Killer is the best team to find the real D.B. Cooper.