If you are over 40 you probably have paper towel and also toilet paper holders that are fastened to your wall. This method has worked for probably all of your life and you might not have had a reason to change it. If you find yourself in need of replacing these items, you might appreciate knowing that there are new and improved ways to house your paper goods that will save time and effort. If you have moved to a home where you cannot get nails or screws to stay on the wall perhaps you are not aware that there are updated ways to take care of your needs.

This is why these two households hacks may be exactly what you need.

This household hack will keep frustration at bay

Most people are of the attitude that "If it isn't broken, don't fix it." This is why in the days of flat screen televisions you may run across someone who still has an old-fashioned floor model TV. Old-school toilet paper holders were plastic, wood, or metal, and nailed or screwed to a wall. If this is all you have ever utilized you might walk right by more efficient products as you look for replacements to house your paper products. Today you can purchase what you need in stand up versions. There is no need for nails, hammers, or screws.

They can sit right on your floor, wherever it is easiest for you to retrieve what you need.

A benefit of this household hack is that most of these new and improved items are made so that you can store up to four additional rolls of toilet paper underneath the one you are currently using.

This way you can keep an eye on how much you have and replace it before you are out.

A wide selection of paper towel holders

Paper towel holders used to be made of wood and fastened to the wall with nails or screws. Later, they were updated to plastic.

Next came the big wooden item that sits on the counter. Today, there are simpler ways to keep up with these much-needed items in the kitchen and bathroom. There is now a slender metal version that you can sit on a countertop, table, refrigerator, or anywhere you desire.

You may be updated on how technology has changed regarding the dispensers that hold paper products in the kitchen or bathroom but not everyone is. These two household hacks will be appreciated by those who were not aware of these updates, as they make it easier to store and retrieve paper towels and toilet paper. Both can be found for cheap at Dollar stores. More expensive versions are available online as well if you choose to go that route.