Over the course of history, red has been linked to romance and love in many cultures. According to research carried out by Professor Andrew J. Elliot and his colleagues at the University of Rochester, red tends to attract men more than any other color. It is so amazing to discover how something as ubiquitous as color could have an effect on people's behavior. However, it has been discovered that non-human males are also known to be attracted to females in red.

Color in context

Generally, colors are appreciated for their stunning visual effects and aesthetic values.

However, researchers such as Elliot have discovered that they also have psychological effects. According to Professor Elliot, a color with specific meaning produces an effect by a mere perception of it. Although red has been discovered to have negative and aversive effects in achievement context, it has also been discovered that it has positive and appetitive effects in relational context. It causes men to see women as more attractive and more sexually desirable.

Surprisingly, men are unaware of the effect women in red have on their perception and desires. The origin of the red-romance link is not yet known. However, it could be related to the biological based predisposition to perceive red as a sexual signal during ovulation and sexual excitation.

How it affects men

Different colors such as black, green, blue, yellow, white, purple, orange, and many more have different meanings and effects on people. Some are associated with elegance, authority, grief, wealth, power, prosperity, and fruitfulness, just to mention a few. But red has been discovered to change a person's appeal, most especially in men.

The effect red has on women is different from its effect on men. Men interpret red as a sexual signal just like other primates.

In the study carried out by Professor Elliot and his colleagues, men were shown the pictures of women wearing different colors of dresses, including red. When questioned about their attraction to the women, a majority of them rated the woman in red higher than the others.

According to them, the woman in red was more attractive and sexually desirable than the others.

In fact, they included that she deserved to be treated to a more expensive outing than the others. After several kinds of research were carried out, the conclusion that men feel more attracted to women in red was drawn.