If you’re traveling somewhere, you might have been wondering when is the best time to book a flight to get the best price. A quick Google search would lead you to a Hopper Blog post, which says that Tuesday, around midnight, is the best time to buy a plane ticket at the cheapest price. You can also book your flight early in the morning, but never on a Friday night.

According to Hopper, travelers who book flights on a Tuesday at midnight enjoy around 6 percent savings. On the other hand, travelers pay around 3 percent more when they purchase a plane ticket on a Friday morning at 3 AM.

Best time to book varies per route

While you may hear recommendations to book your flight on a Tuesday, it still depends on the route you are taking. For instance, Hopper’s findings are only applicable to 1.6 percent of markets in the United States, so you likely won't get the same deals.

Using data from 2016 and 2017, Skyscanner said that the best time to book a domestic flight is 15 weeks prior to your Travel date. You can save around 26 percent in regard to your fare. If you’re planning to visit New York, for instance, schedule your trip in January and book at least six weeks in advance, which can save you about 21 percent.

January and September are the best times to visit Miami. Book 11 to 15 weeks in advance because the rates are around 18 to 25 percent cheaper.

What to do to get the best prices

The price depends on when you are traveling, but searching for the best rate is not impossible. One of the first things you should do is determine your non-negotiables, per Business Insider. Do you need to leave or arrive at a specific time?

Based on CheapAir.com’s 2018 Airfare Study, the best time to buy a plane ticket is 70 days in advance.

However, you can still find decent rates if you book between 21 and 121 days prior to your departure. But if you book less than a week before the travel date, you will pay around $208 more on plane tickets.

Another way to get the best deals is to be flexible with your travel plans. Kayak, Skyscanner and Google Flights, for example, have tools where you can search for “anywhere/everywhere” and the results will show you the cheapest rates for your preferred days.

They can also show you the rates of competitors, especially if you already have a destination set.

Hipmunk, via Time, recommends setting up a fare alert, so you don't miss cheap deals when they come out. In addition, look for routes via low-cost airlines, and you should avoid flying on busy days such as holiday weekends.

Again, booking on a Tuesday does not guarantee that you get the best prices. As a rule of thumb, book no later than three weeks in advance.