Memorial Day is right around the corner and there is always concern about holiday accidents. There are simple, common sense things you can do that will reduce your risk of harm and even death. A little wisdom will go a long way to protect you and those you love on the last Monday in May. By concentrating on five specific areas, you will know you have done all that you can, and your weekend will be filled with fun and not with tragedy. By taking extra precautions with fireworks, grills, and your drinking habits, along with being careful in the sun and also in the water, you can make sure that everyone stays safe.

Safety precautions for the last Monday in May

The first important safety precaution for the last Monday in May is in regard to cooking outdoors. You can prevent a fire and the chance of being burned by making sure your grill is clean and grease-free before you begin cooking. It is also wise to keep all items at a safe distance, away from the grill so that sparks do not ignite. The second tip is in regard to fireworks. Make sure you are in a large area that is far away from trees. This will prevent you from starting a fire. Also, be sure not to hold lit fireworks in your hand.

The third safety precaution is in regard to drinking.

If you are going to indulge, plan in advance how many drinks you will have and then stick to your plan. Make sure that you do not drink and drive by having someone be the designated driver. Alcohol can dehydrate the body so be sure to drink a lot of water. You don't want to be a Memorial Day ER statistic.

Two important methods of Memorial Day protection

The fourth way you can ensure your safety on Memorial Day is to be careful when it comes to water and swimming.

If there is no trained lifeguard available, you can appoint someone in your group as a designated lifeguard. Make sure that young children are never more than arm's length from you and keep your eyes on them as much as possible. You might also want to keep an eye on coolers because when the ice melts they may become a hazard.

Little ones may try to stick their heads inside coolers.

Protect yourself from the sun on Memorial weekend

During Memorial Day weekend a lot of people will be benefitting from the sun if it is not raining. Always use sunscreen to protect yourself from burns and harmful UV rays. Remember to apply it every two hours that you are out in the sunlight. Make use of a hat and sunglasses as well. If you follow these guidelines, your holiday should go off without a hitch.