Dreaming is a strange phenomenon that none truly understand. No one even knows why we dream in the first place, but some believe that Dreams point out future events. Others believe dreams may point out what is going on in someone's life when they do not see it themselves. Analyzing symbols in your dreams may not help you with your daily life, but it may help with your mental stability. The best way to remember your dreams for later interpretation is to keep a notebook and a pen or pencil by your bed, then to write down your dream(s) as soon as you wake up.

Some of the most common dreams have been interpreted already, however. Are the interpretations accurate for you?

Dreams of falling

These dreams are very jarring and very common. Most typically jolt awake at the initial feeling of falling, though a few have reached the ground before jolting awake. Rumors state that when you hit the ground in your dream, you die in real life. This is simply a rumor and has no truth behind it. This dream may signify that something is going the wrong direction in your life. The dream may be trying to tell you to change some choices in your life and to enjoy it more. Falling in your dream is very common and is a simple dream to translate.

Teeth falling out

This dream is not agreed upon when translated.

There are multiple possibilities in this dream's interpretations. In some cases, losing teeth is seen as a bad omen. It may signify a relationship that is broken or will be broken. In another interpretation, teeth are a symbol or strength and confidence. Losing teeth, in this case, signifies the loss of confidence or a loss in someone's sense of strength.

Another theory is dependant on gender. In this interpretation; females who have dreams of teeth falling out shows that she had a wish fulfilled. For Males, it is seen as the desire of sexual release.

Being chased

While chase scenes are exciting in movies, it is not so exciting when your being chased and it feels scarily real.

It is a very common dream and may symbolize the wish to avoid or escape something in your daily life. The most important part of this dream is identifying the pursuer. Depending on who or what the pursuer is, it shows what you are trying to avoid or escape, even if it is not obvious in your waking life. If you are being chased by an animal, you may be hiding from anger, passion, or some other feeling. An unknown figure may be a childhood experience or a past trauma, try to identify what is haunting you and come to terms with it.