When Avril Lavigne rose to fame in the early 2000's, she not only became a pop/punk princess, but she also created one of the most memorable trends of the decade: slick, straight hair. While this style will be shunned in the year 2018 (it's all about volume and waves now!), some have attributed her naturally straight hair to her rumored secret: applying mayonnaise as a conditioner to her hair. While it was neither denied or admitted by the singer, Lavigne's "hair secret" remains to be one of the most puzzling celebrity beauty secrets today. Here, we have beauty tricks and tips to keep one's hair healthy all day, every day.

1. Use olive oil as a hair mask

One may think that we're trying to cook up something on our hair, but the truth is, a lot of DIY beauty hacks involve materials or supplies straight out of the kitchen, just like olive oil. Readers Digest suggests slightly heating half a cup of olive oil before applying to your hair as a mask. Wrap your olive oil-infused hair in a plastic bag, then wrap again with a towel. Let sit for about 45 minutes before shampooing and rinsing completely.

2. Alternatively, use coconut oil

According to Cosmopolitan, coconut oil is heavy on fatty acids and proteins that will rejuvenate and moisturize your hair. Pair it with a cleansing shampoo that's sure to remove any coconut oil residue.

3. Apply conditioner before dipping into pools

Pools contain chemicals to make sure it stays sanitary for people to swim in. The bad news is that it damages the hair. To avoid this, put on some conditioner before going for a swim. Afterward, combine a fourth of a cup of apple cider with 3/4 cup of water and use it to rinse your hair.

4. Use apple cider vinegar to boost your DIY conditioner

Speaking of healthy food, apple cider vinegar also contributes to great hair when you combine a teaspoon of it with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 3 egg whites, Reader's Digest reported. This concoction serves as a conditioning hair mask that you should leave on for about 30 minutes.

5. Pack up the protein

There's nothing like nourishing your body (and your hair) from within. So choose healthy, protein-packed foods to keep your hair strands strong. Women's Health suggests salmon, sardines, trout, and chicken, eggs, and lentils, among others.

6. Use condensed milk as a conditioner

While we're on the subject of protein, condensed milk can reportedly contribute to extra shiny hair.

7. Mayonnaise

You read that right. Maybe there was some truth to Avril Lavigne's hair hack. Reader's Digest reported that rubbing mayonnaise on one's hair and leaving it for up to an hour (gross, but don't knock it 'til you try it) can make your hair soft and shiny, thanks to its protein content.

Now, which hair hack are you willing to try?