Staycations are the perfect way to get some relaxation and fun without breaking the bank or dealing with all the hassles of traveling.

CUinsight reported that as many as 49 percent of Americans will not be able to afford a vacation, so a staycation is becoming more realistic.

A staycation doesn’t have to be boring, or just staying at home binge-watching ‘Stranger Things.’

These are seven ways to make the most of your staycation.

1. Experience the outdoors

Many people tend to take far away trips to just simply go camping or hiking. How about spending time outdoors without having to leave your community?

Consider augmenting your reality and try out "Pokemon Go" or "Ingress" to discover your neighborhood in a different way. You can also find new hiking and biking trails by using apps such as AllTrails.

KSLA suggest that near most big towns and cities there are often orchards who allow visitors to pick fruit. You won't have to Travel far and it's a nice outdoors way of sharing family fun

2. Discover new places

It’s been proven that new sights and sounds can help improve memory. You can discover new places in your town by looking on Instagram and other social media-based apps. You can also spend time relaxing by learning to meditate. Headspace and other similar apps can teach you different methods of meditation.

3. Try out different and unique cuisine

People often go on vacations all over the world simply to try the local cuisine. The Food Finder app was made to help you find new cuisines in your community, that you might not have known existed. Local taverns and bars can offer some unique local brews at a fair price.

4. Experience other cultures

It is possible to experience other cultures without having to travel to far away destinations. One option is to host guests from other countries in your own home by using services such as Airbnb.

5. Destress and relax at home

People often decide to go on vacation simply for the opportunity to relax and destress.

If you decide to relax at home, consider creating a relaxing playlist with Spotify or Apple Music. If you feel like the stress is coming back, take five deep breaths.

6. Disappear in your hometown

Many vacationers take a break simply for some hard earned and much needed “me time.” It is possible to get some “me time,” without breaking the bank. Consider becoming a house-sitter for someone in your community. Also, consider spending time without anyone else around. This will give you the opportunity to reboot and unwind. You can also think more profoundly and discover yourself.

7. Get off the grid

Consider disconnecting from the world for some time. Spend your vacation time away from your computer and mobile device. If you need your devices, consider allowing yourself limited access. We become so used to being online that this is often the hardest habit to break when we want some downtime.