Mother's Day is celebrated on Sunday, May 13. If you have not bought your mother or the mother of your children a gift, don't despair, because there is still time. Perhaps you waited so long to purchase a gift because you had no idea what to give them.

The National Retail Federation says that most people will spend about $180 on Mother's Day gifts. Here is a list of gifts you may choose from.

1. Flowers

Flowers are still the most common gift that is given on Mom's special day even if the red roses are in addition to something else. Feel free to give her flowers if you have been doing so for the last few years.

Flowers never go out of style, and you can order them up to the day before to be delivered on Sunday.

2. Brunch

This is really a last-minute gift because there is nothing to buy in advance. Most restaurants serve brunch on the holiday so mothers won't have to cook for their families. Consider a brunch at one of her favorite restaurants. Just check to see if the restaurant will be serving brunch that day.

3. For the tech mother

If you know that your mother likes technology, give her the latest gadget. The Consumer Technology Association's latest report shows 93 percent of mothers would love to get a new gadget this year.

4. A Kindle

A Kindle is always a great gift for those who love to read. Even if your mother already has one, give her the latest version.

While you are at it, load it with some popular books you have heard her mention.

5. A diffuser and essential oils

Who doesn't like essential oils? They are good all year long for lifting moods and boosting energy. When you give your female parent or wife an assortment of essential oils, give them a diffuser that will be used to dispense a pleasant scent throughout the house long after Mother's Day is over.

6. Sweet smelling candle

Candles are never a bad gift to give on any occasion. So, they are definitely good to give on the upcoming holiday. They smell good and last a long time.

7. A robot vacuum

If you give your wife or mother a vacuum cleaner, they might think you are suggesting they need to clean the house more often. If you give them a robot vacuum, they will not be offended because it is a fun gift as well as a practical one.

8. Gift cards for car washes

Instead of letting your mother or wife ride around in a dirty car, give them a supply of pre-paid gift cards so they can get their cars washed when they get dirty. They will love the gift and will feel good about riding around in a clean car.

9. Give an experience

Consider giving a gift that cannot be wrapped up in a box. Give your loved one an experience that she will never forget. It could be a local or faraway trip or tickets to a concert, museum, or a movie.

Decide if you want to go along with her. That would be a double delight if you go along with her.

10. Donate to a charity

This gift will make you, your mom and the recipient feel good. Donate to a charity in your mother's name. This is a unique gift that keeps on giving. There are hundreds of different charities to choose from.