Since ancient times, people have relied on palmistry, an act of reading the palm to know more about them. The shape of the lines on your palm has a lot to say about you. In fact, famous people such as Mark Twain, Grover Cleveland, and Thomas Edison bought tickets for a transatlantic flight just to have their palms read. The size, depth, and curvature of each line on your palm reveal a lot about your personality and future. On each individual’s palm, there are at least three major lines. Surprisingly, these lines characterize a different aspect of the future.

A report by Your Chinese Astrology presented most of the information used in this article.

Heart line

The heart line starts under the index finger and extends toward the pinky finger. It reveals information about a person’s relationship with others, matters of the heart, and their emotional health. The length of the line tells a lot about the frequency of the affections and afflictions, while the depth of the line reveals the depth of the heart’s affection and affliction. If the heart line is long, it indicates that the person is warm and loving, and also has unrealistic expectations of relationships. But if it touches both ends of the palm, it indicates that the person has the habit of being too independent in relationships.

If the heart line extends to the Index Finger, it denotes that you are content with your love life, but if it extends below the middle finger, it indicates that you love in a selfish way. When the heart line is clear and deep, it denotes honesty and generosity. When it is red and dark, it means you easily get excited. However, if it is broken, it means you are emotionally exhausted.

Head line

In China, the head line is one of the most important lines in palmistry. It reveals mental and psychological makeup, intellectual tendencies, and intuitive abilities. It starts from the edge of the palm and extends across the palm in the middle part. It is found below the heart line and above the life line. The length of the head line indicates how your interests vary.

If your head line is short, it indicates that you prefer physical achievements over mental ones, but if your head line is long and straight such that it extends across the hand, it indicates that you are a very logical person.

Life line

The life line reveals how long you will live and the important information about the experiences you will have in life. It begins between the index finger and thumb and extends toward the wrist’s connection to the base of the thumb. A long and deep line indicates good health, vitality, and strength, while a short deep line indicates the ability to overcome any physical challenge. But if the line has multiple crosses, it indicates momentous decisions.