Fifteen years ago, young girls were delighting in the adventures of one adventurous New York City girl in the United Kingdom. Amanda Bynes' character Daphne Reynolds was every girl's role model and fashionista and now, fifteen years later, the popularity of the movie "What a Girl Wants" still lives on.

This coming of age light-hearted drama was a hit back in 2003 and still is today. The star-studded cast included Colin Firth as Daphne's father, and Kelly Preston as her mother. The star of the movie, Amanda Bynes, just turned 32, and while she hasn't appeared on the Hollywood scene recently, hopefully she will be back.

In the meantime, there are many other old-time movies to watch for the sake of nostalgia.

3 other Amanda Bynes movies to watch

Watching "Hairspray," "Easy A," and "She's the Man" would be a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon while the unpredictable weather of April takes its toll. Amanda Bynes delivers a solid performance in all three of these movies. In "She's the Man" Bynes plays a tomboy soccer player who disguises herself as a man to play soccer on the guys' team, proving that her ability to play soccer does not revolve around her gender.

2 more feel-good chick flicks to watch

Another classic happy, light-hearted movie that was vastly popular in the early 2000's is, of course, "Legally Blonde." Elle Woods, played by actress Reese Witherspoon, is a standout character that has never really been able to be duplicated.

Her fearless pursuit of her ex-boyfriend leads her to a whole new dream: a career as a top lawyer. Although many watched the movie for the drama and comedy, fashionistas also watch if for the incredible girly wardrobe worn by the sorority sister, Elle Woods.

"Uptown Girls" is another classic. The late Brittany Murphy played a young and wild hot mess of a lady in the movie.

The audience delighted in her inability to accept the responsibilities that come with being an adult. This is the perfect movie to watch when it is time to reinvigorate that young and free feeling. Not to mention, the movie is also great for a few laughs. The young actress Dakota Fanning was a hilarious neurotic child in the film who was miles more mature than her babysitter, played by Murphy.

"Uptown Girls" actually came out the same year as "What a Girl Wants," so they are both 15 years old. Time sure does fly. Hopefully 15 years from now there will be more amazing chick flicks to celebrate.