Do you have trouble falling asleep? Have you tried many methods, including some drugs, but none works for you? You're in luck because with the following tips you'll get to sleep in 30 Seconds.

1. Read a book before sleeping

Reading helps us to abstract from everyday problems and focus on a different story. We will be able to relax and little by little we will see how our eyelids weigh more and more. Before we know it, we will have been completely asleep (even with the book in our hands).

2. Follow a usual sleep schedule

Habitúa the body to sleep at a specific time and get up at another time that is fixed.

In this way, you will get used to when you have to sleep and when not. Thanks to this it will be much easier to sleep, although many problems torment you.

3. Do not eat too much before going to bed

With a meal too heavy, the only thing that we will get is that it will cost us "hit the eye." We will feel too full, and we may even have some kind of intestinal problem. It is important to learn to eat healthy and light before going to sleep.

4. Order your room

Make sure the bed is perfectly made, the room has been ventilated during the day, and everything is in the best conditions. This way you will feel much more comfortable, and both body and mind will notice, this way we will relax much faster.

5. Practice yoga before going to sleep

It can be yoga or any other relaxation technique. These methods help you to forget about any problem or obsession you may have, and your mind is calm. When you go to sleep, you will realize how easy it is for you to do it.

6. Meditation

This point is intimately linked with the previous one.

The techniques of meditation and leaving the mind blank help us to avoid turning the same problem throughout the night and that this leaves us without sleep. Learn to meditate, and you will remove all the problems that may torment you.

7. Drink some hot milk

Many people drink one or several glasses of water before going to bed: this is a mistake since the only thing that will be achieved is that we do not feel heavier.

The warm milk will help us to relax.

8. Avoid caffeine

Caffeine is used to wake you up so it would be a mistake to consume it at night. Avoid it, and you will eliminate one of the main factors that prevent us from sleeping.

9. Turn off the phone

It is proven that the mobile lights intervene in our Rest: they make us more nervous and attentive to any notification we are going to receive. It is important to turn them off at night.

10. Use special curtains

Sometimes it is the light from the outside that prevents us from sleeping. If you do not want to lower the curtain completely, you can always buy special curtains that filter certain clarity but without affecting us.