There have been several reports of humans who married their pets and other animals. In many countries, animal-human marriage is illegal, especially in countries that have animal abuse laws. Nevertheless, in some places, it is not mentioned specifically in national laws. Several individuals claim to have married animals such as goats, cows, dogs, cats, frogs, and dolphin. However, it seems these individuals claimed to be happy and fulfilled with these animals. Some years ago, a woman who lives in the UK married her Dog after giving up on Men, who may have possibly broken her heart in one way or the other.

Why she married her pet

Eight years ago, a UK woman known as Wilhemina Morgan Callaghan got married to one of her pets known as Henry Frederick. According to Wilhelmina, she married her dog because of his loyalty, kindness, and support towards her. She also added that Henry stood by her all through hard, depressing, and distressing times of her life, and even though they have their disagreements, she still prefers him to most men out there. Morgan lost her job in 2009 when the recession hit Ireland, and unfortunately, her house also got flooded.

According to her, Henry was so supportive to the extent she confirmed he was better than the men she has had a relationship with. In fact, she has a Facebook page dedicated to her and her dog.

Morgan loves her dog so much that she composed a song for him. Also, she revealed that Henry likes cuddles, food, and television, and she ensures all these are made available to him just to see him happy. No matter what people say, think, or believe, Morgan is confident that Henry is perfect for her and they will remain a happy couple for life.

Morgan and Henry have a peaceful marriage

According to the 43 years old Morgan, after she read posts about how people married their pets online, she was moved to the same. Irrespective of the fact that it was illegal to marry your pet in the UK, it didn’t stop her from following her heart to the path leading to happiness. Morgan nonetheless went ahead to marry her dog.

Surprisingly, they have a marriage certificate to mark their union. Morgan also has other pets. They include Merrick-Thor, Bebe, Medeia, Madoc, Celia, Victor, Ludwig, and Blodwen. A Happy marriage has a lot of incredible benefits to the physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Therefore if marrying a man, woman, or your pet will bring you happiness and peace, then go for it.