Most people know that it is healthy to drink a certain amount of water each day. Some people might not know that drinking more can help with weight loss. What might be confusing is how drinking H2O can help someone lose weight. Studies have shown that up to 59 percent of adults who drink a significant amount of the liquid certainly do lose weight. So, how does that work?

Burns calories

Water itself is calorie-free, but it can help you burn calories that are already in your body. Burning calories over time will result in weight loss even if you don't make any other changes in your lifestyle.

However, if you combine drinking more water with lifestyle changes, you will be very pleased with the results you get.

Tips for maximum results

Drink cold water because your body will burn calories while warming the water up to your body temperature. When you drink at least 17 ounces, it will take up to an hour to burn off the calories.

Another tip is to Drink Water before a meal instead of drinking it along with your meal or after your meal. When you drink water before you eat, it will reduce your appetite and cause you not to eat as much. That will result in some weight loss. Adults have noticed as much as a four-pound weight loss over three months when they drink it before they eat.

Drink water instead of drinking sugary beverages which are high in calories.

There is no substitute for water. Doctors recommend that their patients take their pills with water instead of with other liquids.

A very helpful tip is to have water available instead of having sweet drinks on hand. A school came up with a good way to encourages young children to get into the habit of drinking it. Officials installed fountains throughout the school and included lessons about drinking water into the curriculum for elementary schools.

After only one school year, there was a noticeable 31 percent decrease in the risk of obesity among the students who drank water instead of sodas and sweet drinks.

How much water should you drink?

For a long time, people thought they should drink eight glasses containing eight ounces of water.

That's equivalent to about two liters per day. Now people are rethinking that rule and deciding that the amount they drink depends on individual needs. For instance, some people sweat more than others. Therefore, they will need to drink more water. Some people might need to drink up to two liters of water each day to help with weight loss.