The first men in the earth saw the wolf as a potential animal to domesticate and use for their purposes. Since that moment, both species evolved together creating a strong relationship which has been kept until today. The success of this friendship is due to the incredible ability of the dog to learn and develop different activities to help people.

Although all the dogs are incredibly smart, there are some breeds whose capacities are over the average, making them suitable for special tasks. Coming up next you will see in this article some of the smartest breeds and their roles in the current society.

Border Collie

This breed has its roots in England and is considered as the smartest among all dogs. In the beginning, their main task was to help as a shepherd dog. However, his role started to take relevance in other fields when their incredible features were discovered. It is not just the intelligence what make of the Border Collie a reliable breed; also, their docility and obedience are essentials. Currently, based on their stunning abilities, these dogs develop different tasks for the society. For example, they work as sniffer dogs for the police and also as a guide dog for blind people.


These dogs are famous for their beautiful appearance and charm, but the truth is that their features go far beyond that.

During the Renaissance, this breed occupied an important place in the aristocratic society as water dogs. According to some records, the poodle breed was born in France, but it has since spread around the world for its impressive skills.

German Shepherd

This breed was originated in Germany as a group of dogs dedicated to shepherd activities.

Currently, it has evolved into a powerful breed that successfully combines both intelligence and physical strength. For their characteristics, the German Shepherd is one of the favorite breeds to perform police work and other activities.

Golden Retriever

Loyalty, amiability, and intelligence are some of the reasons why these dogs are considered as a familiar breed.

The first individuals of Golden Retriever appeared at Scotland in the 19th century as a breed for bird hunting. However, its social abilities have taken these dogs to perform other tasks which have given it a lot of popularity among people.

Doberman Pinscher

Although this breed has been perceived as potentially dangerous to people for its physical characteristics, these dogs are incredibly smart and loyal. In the beginning, its work was to protect their owner from possible assaulters. Currently, Doberman Pincher’s roles in the society have changed, and all of them depend on proper training.