When you're an artist, the world is your creative space and medium. Anyone can be Artists given the many tools and materials made available to create artwork today. In fact, it's never too late to begin exploring one's creativity. Take for example this 87-year-old grandmother who makes the most Amazing art pieces through Microsoft Paint, as well as two other artists who have made a name for themselves using this Microsoft tool.

1. Concha García Zaera

According to Mashable, Microsoft Paint artist Concha García Zaera used to take oil painting classes, but could not pursue her hobby at home due to the pungent smell of the oil paint.

So she channeled her creativity into Microsoft Paint when she was gifted with a computer by her children.

She only uses a mouse and a computer running on Windows 7 to create her masterpieces. She began posting her work on Facebook until one of her granddaughters suggested posting her artwork on Instagram, where she now has more than 149,000 followers. Check out some of her masterpieces below.

2. Patrick Hines

This isn't the first time artists used Microsoft Paint to create the most stunning artwork. In fact, this 87-year-old grandmother is just one of the few more popular Paint artists out there. According to South China Morning Post, Boston-based artist Patrick Hines is also an impressive creator, creating works inspired by the "Harry Potter" series, "Forrest Gump," Bill Gates, and city landscapes, among others.

3. Hal Lasko

The report also revealed how 98-year-old Hal Lasko A.K.A. the Pixel Painter, also creates amazing art using Microsoft Paint. Lasko was a former graphic designer who worked in the military, drafting maps during the Second World War. On his 85th birthday, he received a computer and later discovered Microsoft Paint.

He was 98 years old when he passed away in 2014, leaving behind amazing masterpieces.

Meet Tatsuo Horiuchi

Microsoft Paint isn't the only tool that artists are using to create visual masterpieces. In fact, Business Insider reported that 74-year-old Tatsuo Horiuchi from the Nagano Prefecture in Japan is in fact using Microsoft Excel to create one-of-a-kind artwork.

He told PC Online that it was observation of others who were creating graphs using the Excel that sparked the idea of creating artwork with the software.

The history of Paint

Microsoft Paint has come a long way from being just the primary tool to doodle with when one has a PC. In fact, Paint was first introduced back in 1985, during the release of the first version of Windows 1.0. It was first known as Paintbrush and was developed by Mark Zachmann, whose early beginnings was working at Kodak as a janitor, Digital Trends reports. Today, Paint remains to be one of the most iconic programs of the Microsoft platform.