The infamous Parkland shooting has left the entire nation in shock. A few locals in Baldwin County opted for love while others were mourning the deaths of the many lives lost. This random acts mission was started by the local children's counselor, Rochelle Murrell.

Rochelle Murrell decided to seize this opportunity to reignite kindness in the community after she heard about how kids were scared to go to school. She understood that the only way the situation could be controlled was by reminding people that love always overpowers hate.

Spreading love through flowers

"Anytime something like this happens, it just kind of drives a spirit of fear, people get afraid, people start feeling very anxious, and this is just an opportunity for us to reintroduce to the community, that there is kindness, that we don't have to be afraid."

Murrell spread her message of love and courage through flowers. She united friends, family, and people from the neighborhood, inspiring them to be a part of this Random Act of Kindness. Locals, including students, delivered flowers in the name of joy to total strangers. The Destiny Church International played a huge part in the campaign. Cars loaded up with flowers traveled to nursing homes, shopping centers, hospitals and other public places.

Flowers were received with smiles

The objective of this campaign was to help people realize that everyone was loved. A few people who received these flowers were initially hesitant about receiving a gift, suspecting that there were strings attached. They ultimately accepted them with happiness and tears when Murrell talked about how every life was important.

"Every time you look at them, I want you to go, Hey, I'm important!" Murrell's two daughters and younger son accompanied her on the road.

This mission also proved to be a stress reliever for the people distributing the flowers, especially kids who wanted to put smiles on people's faces after the traumatic experience Parkland went through.

Talking to kids will help them open up: Murrell to parents

Being a children's counselor, Murrell was able to advise parents on how to handle their kids after the Parkland incident, "Love does conquer any fear. And if we can get that message to our kids instead of driving the fear, then we are winning half the battle"

Murrell also said that having conversations about difficult situations, like the recent Parkland Shooting, makes it easier for the kids to handle the pressure. She told the parents to support their kids, but also give them space where they can process their emotions. This will only make the kids get gradually comfortable with the circumstances and eventually let the parents in.

Love continued to flow on social media

After the night ended, it was assured, by people in attendance, that the movement wouldn't stop there. Pictures and videos were posted on social media that clearly demonstrated the impact of love in the community.

Murrell's Facebook saw pictures with the caption, "What a great night!! Shout out to Rife and Shay at Destiny Church, Will and Clay at Spanish Fort Publix, and all of the volunteers that came! Alexa with Fox 10 was great! You are heros! Don’t stop here. Keep loving! Keep listening! What an honor to serve with you all this evening. (I hate I don’t have pics of everyone)!"

The Church decided to invite people to the movement by inviting them to a treasure hunt that was being organized in light of the Parkland shootings and increased teen suicide.

They said that they were "never more aware of the need our communities have for love, kindness, and unity."

Community members accepted the invitation and it was visible in the church's next post that followed suit with Murrell's.

"We are sharing the Love and flowers! #lovegodlovepeopleproveit #sharethelove "

They made sure they posted pictures of some of the many bouquets that were given across Baldwin County.

Another volunteer that kept the love going on the internet, was Nathan Andrews, who shared a video clip of a news coverage of the event.

Murrell's campaign was met with a lot of appreciation. One of the comments on her Facebook page included Sher Graham congratulating Murrell on behalf of the South Alabama Mental Wellness Coalition and Conference.

"On behalf of the South Alabama Mental Wellness Coalition and Conference, we congratulate Rochelle for her Acts of Kindness she did for random people in Baldwin County. IT is this type of unconditional love she shows her children and other adults that love does win out in the end. Thank you, Rochelle for this random act.of kindness. YOU ROCK."