Spring Cleaning is an annual maintenance project that all household must undergo in order to prolong the longevity of the house. After an almost endless winter, you open all the windows to let the fresh air in, and start scrubbing down every nook and corner of your home. However, our modern way of living has also presented new cleaning challenges that even our grandmother would never think about. Modern homes are now bigger and the list of cleaning supply choices is long.

Where to begin?

  1. Bathroom. The bathroom is truly the dirtiest part of the house. Cleaning is particularly hard especially during winter because water gets extremely cold. Water is essential for cleaning the bathroom because you need to wash away chemical residues such as soaps and other body cleaning products and other dirty deposits that are literally lying on the bathroom floor and tiles. When cleaning the bathroom, you need to protect yourself from inhaling and touching strong and toxic chemicals. However, if you are on a tight budget, mixing a concoction of baking soda and vinegar will help you scrub your dirty bathroom floor. This also works well with bathtubs and toilet bowls.
  2. Bedroom. The bedroom is a personal space in our home that must always emanate order and cleanliness. Even if we don’t see it, our bedrooms gather dirt and clutter during winter. Change your sheets and pillowcases during your spring cleaning in order to inspire a fresh look in your bedroom. Also, vacuum the bedroom floor to remove living organisms that might breed in your carpets and even bed sheets. If you think that your carpets and other areas in the bedroom need more serious attention, consider getting a professional help. This will ensure that your bedroom will be spotlessly clean and fresh.
  3. Kitchen. Cleaning the kitchen can be a little challenging, as there are plenty of things inside of it. Go through your cabinets and collect things that you don’t need anymore. Do the same thing in your countertops; throw away things that only clutter it and leave the most important things for your kitchen. After de-cluttering, you can proceed with cleaning. Use microfiber and warm water to wipe surfaces of your stove, countertops, and sink. Avoid using industrial-grade and chemical-based cleaning agents to prevent contamination in your food preparation.
  4. Living area. The living area a huge part of your home where you and your guests spend the most time. Cleaning this part of the house requires more effort as this is the part of the house that people see first. Vacuum the carpets Wipe your living room furniture using warm water and microfiber rag to remove deep-seated stains, particularly on the couch and other chairs.

Now that you know where to start cleaning your house this spring, it is time to pick up your broom, vacuum cleaner, and rugs and start this challenging yet rewarding task.